Titanfall Arcade unveiled: 8-bit blasting pre-release

Chris Burns - Mar 5, 2014
Titanfall Arcade unveiled: 8-bit blasting pre-release

This afternoon the folks responsible for pushing Titanfall on the world have released a web-based set of games – one so far – with Titanfall themes. The first is Asteroid, the second will be Missile Command, and the third will be Centipede. Needless to say, playing with a Titan instead of the 1970’s ships these games originally came with is a vast improvement.

The first command you’ll give in Titanfall Arcade will be to let the titan fall, so to speak. Instead of a tiny triangle with pixel-line lasers, you’re using a titan to battle the rocks that float about you. There’s a beastly energy cannon to be had as well.


This first game is free to play, and we can’t imagine the others costing a penny once they’re out as well. Each game will likely be released a day or two after the other, ending on the 11th of March when he full Titanfall title will be out for all to explore. This game will be released for both PC (with Origin) and with Xbox One at launch.

Also until you get there, please feel free to have a dive into SlashGear’s own hands-on collection with Titanfall. In the archive below you’ll have the opportunity to see Xbox One vs PC gameplay, first-impressions, and more. We’ll also have a full-fledged Titanfall Review before you know it!

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