Tired of your XBox 360? Gamestop is paying top dollar for them

Are you tired of your old Xbox? Maybe your plain non-Elite XBox 360 just isn't good enough anymore. Either way, take it into Gamestop and they'll be more than happy to relieve you of your gaming console, and you'll leave with a decent amount of cash in return.

What can you do with that trade-in money? Perhaps get a shiny new Xbox Elite, or maybe make the switch to a PS3. Or you can just take the money and run. How much money you ask? For an original XBox you'll get $50, a Core 360 will get you $200 and a Premium 360 will fetch $250. Not too shabby for a trade-in.

That's really not a bad deal. But I'm sure it won't last, so if you're wanting to unload your XBox, now is the time to do it.

Special Trade-In Deals For The Xbox 360 Elite Confirmed [via crunchgear]