Tips: PS5 powerful, but Xbox Two expandably more

Why do we care so very much about the respective power levels of each new video game console? Apparently, as rumors of PS5 and Xbox One 2 (or whatever you'd like to call it) suggest, it's not even that we care about the features of the device, but that our device is better than its biggest competitor. Have we been roped in by Sony and Microsoft for a never-ending battle of oneupmanship and, in the process, are emptying our wallets out each new iteration? I mean, probably yes.

Today's rumors suggest that there's a new PS5 on the way – that's PlayStation 5, AKA the next PlayStation gaming console from Sony. That'll be like the last one, likely it'll have similar DualShock controllers, and it'll be able to play games that look extraordinary on all manner of 8K HDR TVs and on forward. It'll likely be launched inside the year 2020.

The next Xbox, according to several insiders, will have all that and a bag of bonuses. If we're going to see anything more powerful – whatever that means – it'll be with additional RAM, expandable storage, and the ability to upgrade one's own Xbox whenever they wish.

But that's not realistic, is it? Could Microsoft truly find a profit model inside a built-your-own at-home video console? It'd certainly throw the console game into a bit of upheaval, of that you can be certain.

We're most certainly in a new era of smartphone sales – one beyond the $1k point. Is it time the console game ups the ante as well? Maybe Microsoft needs to flex with an Xbox Television? Or a mobile Xbox? Which direction is this "more powerful" thing going to go?

The power might not be about processing, or graphics, but about add-on accessories. A source familiar with the matter who wished to remain anonymous suggested this week that Microsoft's considered a collection of new "different" accessories for their next console. Most of these won't likely make the cut – but we'll see. It's the "different" part that's got our attention – can't wait!