Tiny UwaterG4 MP3 player is world's smallest waterproof player

A new MP3 player for those that enjoy swimming and water sports and want some tunes while they exercise will like the new MP3 player that is debuting at CES this week. The company behind the player is called Fitness Technologies, and it hails the new UwaterG4 as the world's smallest 100% waterproof player. The company says that it will last for a long time in water and sounds good too.

The little device has Twist & Lock technology that is able to completely seal out water and provide protection from corrosion too. The line is rated IPX8-certified making it 100% waterproof. It can withstand full submersion in up to 10-feet of water. The player is has 4GB of storage, enough to store 1000 songs and ten audio books.

The player comes in five colors with black, white, yellow, red, and blue. It has an included armband and can attach to goggles, headband, or belt. Another version called the UwaterG4X Chrome has better survivability in salt water. The company has a whole line of waterproof MP3 players.