Tiny Evesham Media Center PC gets the once-over

Mini media PCs seem a great idea in theory, but often practice is a cruel highlighter of flaws and that's just what Pocket-lint attempted to do to the Evesham Mini PC.  Fitting a full Windows Media Center computer with digital TV tuner, 100gb hard-drive, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 1gb of DDR RAM into something with a 165mm-square footprint sounds like witchcraft to me, although my top calendar-sources tell me Halloween has passed.

Do they like it?  Well, a single tuner is a drawback and Evesham have obviously been drinking the stupid-juice since they've only put two USB ports in the thing, but otherwise it's a speedy, capable and quiet way to record, pause and playback TV.  Costing £799.99 ($1526.46) it's available now.

Evesham Mini PC Review [Pocket-lint]