Tinke smartphone health tracking device launches for Android

Back in 2012, a new accessory for the iPhone debuted called Tinke. The device is a personal health tracker that originally worked only with the iPhone. The company behind the product is called Zensorium.

Zensorium has now announced that the Tinke device is available for users of Android smartphones. The Tinke device has optical sensing technology built in that quantifies fitness and relaxation levels allowing them to be compared. The device works by having the user place a fingertip on a sensor.

That sensor is able to quantify four key health parameters in a few seconds. The parameters include heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. The first three parameters are used to measure cardio-respiratory fitness. Heart rate variability is said to be an assessment of the autonomic nervous system for detecting stress.

Tinke promises to allow the user to track those settings and to compare them over time to determine fitness. The Tinke device connects to the Android smartphone via Bluetooth and gets power from an internal rechargeable battery. The Tinke for Android device is available for $129.

SOURCE: Zensorium