Tinder wants you to play matchmaker with new share button

I think that as humans, we have a natural desire to play matchmaker. Back in school, people were constantly setting their friends up with the "perfect" match. Through adulthood I've still seen that happen, though to a somewhat lesser degree. Well, Tinder seems to be one of the more popular ways to find a date, and they want to help you in your quest to find a perfect match for your friends. Or at least find them someone that they'll want to swipe right on.

Since Tinder's inception, the only way to really share a profile was to take a screenshot, and send it to a friend. They could then attempt to find the user that you were sending them, so that they could look through it more thoroughly, and then swipe left or right. Well now the company is testing a much easier way to share a profile with your friends.

Instead of doing the screenshot method, which can be cumbersome, there is a new "share" button that the company is testing. Clicking on the button will give you a link that can be copied and sent via text message. The recipient can then click on the link and view the profile that was shared. Then it's treated just like any other profile that they visit.

What's especially interesting about this method of sharing is that the link will expire. Once either 72 hours have passed, or the link has been clicked 5 times, it will no longer function. This means that you don't have to worry about profiles getting linked and shared all over the place. If you don't want your profile shared, you can go to your Discovery Settings, and disable the share feature.

Tinder has stated that this feature has been highly requested by users, which is what prompted them to start testing it. There's no guarantee that the feature will open up to everyone, but if the tests go well, it's very possible that you'll see it in a future update.

VIA: Tinder