Tinder updates with new profile info, improved messaging, and better algorithms

Following the recent addition of its Super Like feature, Tinder has released an update for its mobile app that introduces several new refinements, including additional information on user profiles, and improved algorithms for finding matches. First up are what Tinder calls "Smart Profiles," which will now not only include details on a user's job history and education background, but also highlight information that they and the browser have in common.

These changes also play into the service's learning algorithm, which now aims to provide more accurate matches based on similar interests. Tinder also claims that it will analyze what users do with the app, but since it only really involves swiping right or left, it's not really clear how that will "drive more compatible matches."

The changes to interface of the app's messaging section are simple, but may be the most useful. Conversations are now divided into two groups, one for users who actively chatted back and forth, and the other for those who have never responded. The former will be near the top, with the latter towards the bottom.

These subtle refinements seem intended to make Tinder easier to use for new users, but also improve its image as a legitimate dating service. This is likely tied to Tinder's parent company, which also owns Match, OKCuped, and more, having recently announced plans to file an IPO, thus becoming publicly traded.