Tinder Select is real, but only for the rich and beautiful

Tinder has found a lot of success among singles because of its streamlined approach to online dating, but we're learning today that there may be more to Tinder than meets the eye. According to a new report, Tinder has been operating a separate dating service called Tinder Select for months now. Only a few people know about it too, thanks to its invite-only nature.

TechCrunch spoke to a number of different sources about this secret layer to Tinder, who claim that Tinder Select has been active for as long as six months. Why are we just finding out about it now, then? Tinder Select seems be a very exclusive club, reserved for people who are exceptionally attractive or wealthy.

Therefore, the number of people actively using it is likely very small, allowing Tinder to keep it under wraps. According to the report, Tinder sends out invitations on a user-by-user basis, and those users can then send invites to some of their friends. People who are invited by another user can't send invites themselves, which keeps the user base small and secret.

Once you rise to the level of Tinder Select, you can still return to the standard Tinder experience. Tinder Select users can swap between the two services within the app itself, which means that they still have options if they can't find someone they like among Tinder Select's ranks. Tinder, of course, didn't want to comment on these rumors of an exclusive service.

As TechCrunch points out, this could suggest that Tinder doesn't have plans to go public with Tinder Select, instead choosing to keep it operating in the shadows of the much more popular mainstream service. It's an interesting report to be sure, but with Tinder keeping its mouth shut, don't expect to get confirmation of its existence anytime soon.

SOURCE: TechCrunch