Tinder clone for Apple Watch uses heartbeat to determine matches

Imagine an alternate way of using dating app Tinder, where instead of looking at profiles on your smartphone and swiping right or left, you simply glance at your Apple Watch and the app know if you're attracted to someone based on your heart-rate changes. That's the idea behind design agency T3's concept "Hands-free Tinder." T3 built its app with the use of Apple's recently released Watch SDK for detecting a user's heartbeat. They claim to be releasing the app "soon," but unless it's really a cooperation with Tinder, a name change seems likely.

The app works by having users look at Tinder profile photos on the Apple Watch. If their heart-rate goes up, the app marks that person's profile as a match; if the heart-rate decreases, the profile is dismissed.

While it's hardly 100% reliable, basing the decision on heartbeat is an interesting choice, and shouldn't attraction be determined by the heart over the brain anyway? Unless of course you've just finished exercising and your heart-rate isn't really reflective of the photo you're looking at on the Apple Watch.

Wether the app is ever released or not, it's still a cool demonstration of what developers can do with the health data collected by the Watch. Hopefully there can be more creative uses of heart-rates, rather than just sharing a heartbeat with another Watch owner.