Reddit's Apple Watch "Lonely Heartbeats" club band

This morning it's become apparent that those with Apple Watches out in the wild are wishing they had more Apple Watch friends. As such, a Reddit group has been created called "Lonely Heartbeats," one that's aimed at connecting one Apple Watch wearer to another. Relatively anonymously. This heartbeat collective isn't only for sharing the beat of your heart through your watch, it's also for sharing drawings and connectivity of all sorts through your wrist. Connecting with a stranger isn't all that difficult – all Watch owners need is an email address.

Through this Reddit community, users are sharing their emails and/or phone numbers with community members. And now the public, as well. If you choose to take part, please do so with caution. You're going to get massive amounts of drawings of... less than savory bits, more than likely.

Connectivity through the Apple Watch includes several elements. One is the heartbeat. You can share your heartbeat through the watch wirelessly to another Apple Watch – like this baby did just this week.

Look at how cute!

Above you'll see the Heartbeat. Below you'll see the Tap. Both are very simple and give you a bit of a buzz on your wrist.

Next you'll see the Sketch.

All of this is included in our big Apple Watch Review today as well.

For those of you wishing to connect with someone on your Apple Watch, the following steps should suffice.

1. Open Contacts app on your iPhone.

2. Create a new contact.

3. Add email address or phone number.

4. Open Apple Watch App.

5. Open the "Friends" setting.

6. Add contact you've just created.

7. On Apple Watch press button (below crown).

8. Select newly made contact.

9. Tap index finger icon.

You can also Digital Touch yourself by adding your own contact to your Apple Watch friends list. Send a message and you'll receive it moments later.

Have a peek at that community or share your contact info (please be smart about it, just your basic info, nothing personal) and let us know how it goes!