Tin foil garage: anything to stop the alien whispers

Paranoia makes people act in strange ways.  Maybe you check obsessively over your shoulder when walking home at night; perhaps you don't trust the ducks not to talk about you behind your back; or maybe you take a catering-sized roll of aluminum foil and paper over your garage so as to prevent alien brain transmissions.

Details of this fastidiously decorated hut are scant, but according to English Russia the garage owner decided the security of his brain was so important that no tin-foil hat would suffice.  Handily the garage is also where he and his wife store their food supplies, so after dragging in his computer he was all set.

Of course, there was a time when everyone thought we'd be living in shiny tin-foil houses and wearing bright white jumpsuits all the time.  That was meant to be "the 21st century", and the reality has turned out to be pretty disappointing in comparison.