Time Warner Cable users to get awesome Look Back service

Shane McGlaun - Nov 9, 2010
Time Warner Cable users to get awesome Look Back service

I have two DVRs in my home; one of them is upstairs and is packed with all sorts of stuff that my kids watch. The one in the living room has programs that my wife likes and stuff that we both like. The catch is that on some nights we can’t watch everything we want to see because the DVR doesn’t have enough tuners.

The only answer to that problem is adding another DVR to the house, but then we can’t watch all the shows in the living room. I bet lots of you have the same problems with being able to record all the shows you want to watch. If you are on Time Warner Cable, they have a new service called Look Back that will let you watch some of the shows you miss going back a few days without having to DVR them.

The service has 48 channels to start with 24 HD and 24 SD offerings. The content offered on those channels can be accessed right after they show for the first time on the networks. To use the service all the user has to do is hit the select button on the remote and then choose Look Back to find the program they want to watch. The past shows will be available for 72 hours after they air. Time Warner isn’t specific on what networks are covered with the service.

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