Time Warner Cable to offer "unlimited" package for $150 in light of capping plans

Time Warner Cable announced that they will be introducing an unlimited package (0f sorts) for $150 a month once their new data caps are put into effect. The company received harsh criticism for this decision to implement data caps and Landel Hobbs, COO of TWC, took to the web to clarify their services and what users can expect under the policy change.

The package is actually "virtually unlimited" and called the Turbo package. It will cost $75 a month and provide you with 100GB of usage. However, there are overage charges associated this this plan. The cost is $1/GB for each that's over 100GB. However, once you reach $75 in charges, you aren't charged anymore. This is what makes the plan unlimited. Sort of.

Other packages include the Limited Package for super light users at a rate of 1GB/month (768KB down, 128KB up) with $2/GB overage charges. There are also the Road Runner Lite, Basic, and Standard packages that offer 10GB, 20GB and 40GB caps, respectively. These feature a $1/GB overage charge. In all honesty, this idea of "capping" the data cap overage charges themselves is a bit odd. Wouldn't a $150/month unlimited plan make the most sense?