Time Warner Cable Live TV iPad App Already Getting Cease-And-Desists

The Time Warner Cable iPad app was released just last week to overwhemingly high demand, allowing subscribers to live-stream TV for viewing on their iPads while connected to their home WiFi network. However, this week we're hearing that the popular app is upsetting TV networks, which have begun sending cease-and-desists to the cable company.

The TV networks' beef with the new app stems from their view of the iPad streaming as a separate service than cable TV. The networks, therefore, want to negotiate new terms and control the rights for this new avenue of content delivery. They don't seem to take into account that the service only works when a subscriber is at home and connected to their Time Warner Cable modem, which is part of their paid-for cable and internet service.

It is unlikely that Time Warner Cable will be forced to shutdown the app. They are more likely to have to remove some channels and go through a new round of negotiations with each network. Considering that you can only view the channels on your iPad at home from the cable service you already pay for, do you think its fair that networks are asking to charge an additional fee for this?

[via Business Insider]