Time Warner and NBC Will Remain Flash-Focused

Apple's iPad is something of a powerhouse when it comes to videos, or at least that's what Apple wants you to think of their tablet device. And, if you were to watch the antics of ABC and Netflix, then you might think that's true. But, they're not the only sources of video out there, and even if CBS and others are focusing on the transition to HTML5 themselves, there's still some companies out there that believe Flash is still where the focus of the Internet is. For example, Time Warner and NBC dont' feel the need to switch.

And, just to make sure that their point gets across, sources are saying that these two companies informed Apple directly that they don't have any plans to transition to the Apple-friendly format. Both Time Warner and NBC are suggesting that reformatting would be expensive, and ultimately not worth it because Flash still dominates the Internet.

"Sources said several large media companies, including Time Warner and NBC Universal, told Apple they won't retool their extensive video libraries to accommodate the iPad, arguing that such a reformatting would be expensive and not worth it because Flash dominates the Web."

More to the point though, the article from the New York Post suggests that these companies, and probably others like it, are happy to wait for tablets from competitors such as HP and Dell. With a focus on Flash from these other tablets, it seems that these companies are betting they'll be able to make a bigger push for supremacy than Apple has been making since the iPad's announcement. Is Flash doomed? What do you think?

[via MacRumors]