Time Cube Clock - Won't stay a cube for long

There seem to be days when certain items are prolific and today it seems to be clocks. I've seen about half a dozen different kinds of clocks/time devices today. As clocks go, the Time Cube Clock is probably the coolest looking one I've seen in awhile.

It starts out in a cube shape but as time ticks away, triangular layers will turn in time, giving the clock an ever changing geometric shapes. It's a 12 hour AM/PM clock face and is powered by 1 AA battery. It's not very difficult to read, the smaller triangle is the second hand, the middle is the minutes and the larger is the hours.

It's futuristic design will make a great addition to any room in the house and will most like strike up a little conversation. It costs about $12 which is not a bad price at all.

12 Hour AM/PM time Cube [via technabob]