Tile's new tracker integration with Google Assistant is now available

Following the initial announcement last month, Google Assistant's support for Tile tracking devices is now live. Once the tracker is linked within the Google Home app, users can ask Google Assistant via their phone or a smart speaker/display to directly find their devices, eliminating the previous cumbersome request of, "Google, ask Tile to find..."

In early September, Tile revealed that it would be adding Google Assistant integration with its trackers, making it possible to directly find them (and items they're attached to) using the personal assistant. With this integration, users aren't forced to ask Google Assistant to ask Tile for the location; instead, they can simply say something like, "Hey Google, where are my keys?"

The announcement was somewhat brief and the company hadn't, at the time, provided specifics on when the integration would go live. That has changed, as Tiles users have noted the new direct support in Google Assistant, plus a couple of support pages are now live.

Assuming you have a Tile tracking device and that you use Google Assistant, you can connect the two by opening the Google Home app and tapping the 'Add' button. Under 'Set up device,' choose 'Have something to already set up?' and then 'Tile.' Follow the prompts to link the tracker to Google Home for use with Google Assistant.

Once that connection is complete, you'll be able to say things like, "Hey Google, ring my wallet," or "Hey Google, where are my car keys?" via a Google Nest device like the Google Nest Hub or Mini. The devices can locate the trackers using Bluetooth, assuming they're nearby, meaning the Tile app on the user's phone isn't needed.