Tile Slim tries to keep your wallet from getting lost

There was a time when item trackers, not the activity or fitness trackers like Fitbit, were the rage among the tech savvy. While that has somewhat died down, things still get lost, from umbrellas to, worse, wallets. Tile, a company that has given "lost and found" a new and modern face, is reviving that market with Tile Slim, which does justice to its name. It is slim enough to fit inside your wallet, making sure you and your wallet will never be far apart again. That said, it is also big enough, like a thin coaster or wide card, so that you won't lose the Tile Slim itself either.

Considering that a Bluetooth tracker incorporates,well, Bluetooth electronics, that is quite an achievement. Especially since a Tile can also be rung or ring paired smartphones to find one or the other. But that's the neat trick that the Tile Slim is pulling off, with a thickness of 2.4 mm. That's almost as thin as a credit card, and, compared to other Bluetooth trackers, it's a considerable diet. It's even slim enough to fit in other places, or be stuck to devices or computers.

Despite the lack of thickness, the Tile Slim still offers the same features from any other Tile. In addition to locating the Tile (and the object attached to it), you can also have the Tile Slim ring your smartphone, in case that is the one that gets lost, at a touch of a button. And if your Tile'd object falls outside of Bluetooth range, you can get help from Tile's "lost and found network" to crowdsource the hunt.

The new Tile Slim is now available for purchase in a solo pack for $30, or in fours for a discounted $100. Tile is also announcing its B2B Tile Smart Location Platform that will help businesses integrate Tile's technologies into their own products, whether for sale or for rent.