Tile Mate, Pro get replaceable batteries, Premium service added

JC Torres - Oct 2, 2018, 10:27 pm CDT
Tile Mate, Pro get replaceable batteries, Premium service added

For all our powerful smartphones and intelligent assistants, we still can’t stop losing things. Never mind having things stolen, we just sometimes forget where we left our prized possessions, be it at home or, worse, at a public place. That’s where Tile’s Bluetooth trackers come in to clue you in on that “lost” remote. Even better, they can now live on forever thanks to replaceable batteries and a subscription service that will provide those free of charge. Aside from the subscription fee, of course.

Tile has upgraded its existing Tile Mate and Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers in two significant ways. One is the increased range with the Tile Mate now boasting 150 feet. The new Tile Pro has twice that with a range of 300 feet.

The most important update, however, is really the replaceable batteries. In order to keep things slim and cheap, Tile used to have custom enclosed batteries. But when it comes to peace of mind, money and space becomes a lesser concern. So while the new Tiles are thicker, you can keep on using them almost forever, as long as you can get replacement CR2032 and CR1632 batteries for the Pro and Mate, respectively.

But what if you can’t? Well then Tile will get one for you. Provided you subscribe to their new Tile Premium service. In addition to the free battery replacements, the subscription also gets you unlimited sharing of Tiles, extended warranties of up to three years, premium customer care, and a 30-day location history for each Tile that you have.

All of that you get for $29.99 a year or $2.99 a month. You can also get a free one month trial if you’re a new subscriber. And that price covers all active Tiles in your account, including Tile-enabled partner products. Now you even have less reasons to forget things at home or in cafes. Unless, of course, you forget to put a Tile on them in the first place.

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