TikTok is down: Can't log in? Don't panic!

There is a situation going on over at TikTok, and the people that make TikTok are aware of it. As of 3:28 PM Central Time, TikTok Support made clear that the TikTok app was "currently experiencing some issues, which our team is working quickly to address." If you've deleted the app and are about to try to log in once again, you're gonna have a bad time.

If you are a TikTok user – especially if you're a hardcore TikTok content creator – you might be panicking right now. If you've experienced the same situation as others did earlier today as shown in the TikTok support thread on Twitter, you might've popped the app open to find all your followers gone. Because this has the potential to be a monstrously important deal, some users immediately took drastic action.

As seems to be the trend, many users are deleting their TikTok app, then heading to their app store to re-download the app. Once a person deletes their app, it becomes entirely possible that all their offline content – content they'd saved in TikTok-attached folders on their phone – becomes deleted as well. This isn't guaranteed – but depending on how your phone formats your content, it IS possible.

Content that appears for you on TikTok regardless of which device you're using will remain available to you if you've already deleted your app on one device. That's content hosted by TikTok, and it would appear (for now) that this content is unharmed.

If you've deleted the app and find yourself unable to log back in, you're not alone. This does not mean your account is broken, or gone. It does not mean that your account was hacked, or stolen, or anything like that. It only means that the login process is part of the "issues" going on at TikTok right this minute. Your account is probably just fine.

If you've not yet deleted your TikTok app, and would like to keep using TikTok once this set of issues is fixed, there's no good reason to delete the app. The issues are not likely in the app on your phone – they're almost certainly in the TikTok servers, as hosted by TikTok.

It's likely TikTok will be back online imminently. It would be a shock to find TikTok offline for much longer, given the massive amount of attention and use this social network gets throughout the day, every single day of the year – but stay tuned!