Tiiny Could Be A Big Deal For Disappearing Messages

Ephemeral messaging has a new contender. Tiiny, which launched for iOS today, is the latest offering, taking a different approach to the disappearing content concept. Take a picture or looping video, and it stays on Tiiny for 24 hours, then vanishes forever.

True to its name, Tiiny pics and videos really are just that. The media manifests itself in a thumbnail on the screen, and can't be enlarged or expanded. It's a bit like a moving, real-time collage of what's going on with people you follow. Your only true interaction with the pics and video are liking them, which can be done by long-press.

Sharing is Tiiny's only purpose, which is why the posts are so small. Not having to be overly concerned with details of a shot or video let you worry more about the practice of sharing, or at least that's the thinking. By default, the front-facing camera is used, which encourages you to share you (but can be switched easily).

Like ephemeral messaging, Tiiny may be an ephemeral app. Founder Kevin Rose tells TechCrunch if Tiiny doesn't find traction, it's not a problem; it took three weeks to build. He and his team want to toss a new app into the mix every 90 days or so, too. "It's about having as many shots on goal as possible", Rose says.

Still, it's a neat concept that actually could catch on, if Rose's team at North support it.

Source: iTunes