Tickets for PAX go on sale

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 30, 2008

If you didn’t notice last year, E3 is quickly becoming a thing of the past. They scaled down the show in the attempt to make it more intimate, which turned out to be a terrible idea (who’d have guessed?). Naturally, this left a void in the gaming world, one that was quickly filled by the guys over at Penny Arcade. If you’re thinking about going this year, tickets have just gone on sale.

PAX has been going on since 2004 and grown from around 4,500 attendees to over 37,000 last year. They’ve got everything from video games to tabletop and card games. Their list of exhibitors is quickly beginning to rival that of the E3 of old.

The show runs from August 29 to August 31, and a 3-day pass will set you back just $40. However, if you wait the price will go up (as high as $50 at the door). So will you see me there? You can bet your sweet ass you will.

[via PAX]

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