Tick Tock Timebomb Clock

Christina Crouch - Dec 12, 2007

There are certain things that are fun for a laugh and then there are the things that are just bound to get you into trouble. The latter are the things we relish to own and I just know this clock makes that list.

Designer Mark A. Regelman II has a concept that he calls the Tick Tock Timebomb Clock. It’s a mouthful to say and an eyeful to see. Shaped just like a pack of dynamite hooked to a timer this clock will be the king of pranks I’m sure.

I’d be leary on where you place your clock unless you’re really seeking that police attention. On that note… I do need a clock for my work area and nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a ticking timebomb.

This Clock is dyn-o-mite! [via technabob]

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