TI-Nspire Navigator helps students learn math in classroom

Most of us have probably used those big and complicated looking TI graphics calculators at one time or another during our educational careers. TI has announced a new system for the classroom to help students learn math and make it easier for the teacher to track the students progress.

The system is called the TI-Nspire Navigator and it works in conjunction with the TI-Nspire CAS handhelds. Using the wireless system the teacher can assess student progress instantly via quick polls and screen captures. The data presented to the teacher by the devices will allow modification of teaching on the fly to address the needs of the class.

The system claims to be able to reduce the time spent on admin tasks by teachers and provides access to algebra Nspire and Geometry Nspired with classroom ready lesson plans. TI reports that the system is in use with 3,000 students around the country already and the system is available now.