TI has a prototype mobile phone with a pico-projector in it

Motorola was supposed to be the first company to market with such a device, especially after their deal with Microvision. It seems as though TI beat them to it though.

This isn't TI's first time round the projector world, most of the DLP TV's and projectors you see these days have a chip from TI in them. The fact is though, it is kind of surprising seeing TI be the first with a full on mobile phone/pico-projector combo.

The current model uses a laser as the light source and it appears to work pretty well, but they are hoping to move to LEDs with future models. I am truly impressed, the issue that will come about though, is that mobile phones already have considerably shortened battery lives, how are they going to power a projector too? Once they figure that one out they will just have to start outfitting more mobiles with more storage so this technology can be easily and effectively put to use.

Texas Instruments deput their pico-movie projector mobile phone [via techdigest]