TI announces full system automotive infotainment solution

Texas Instruments has announced a full system infotainment solution that will bring feature-rich entertainment and multimedia capabilities to cars. The system includes TI's C6000 Jacinto processor designed for automotive infotainment as well as automotive-grade OMAP mobile processors. There's also TI's new automotive WiLink 7.0 and Bluelink 7.0 connectivity solutions that can turn a car into a mobile hotspot.

The C6000 Jacinto processor includes dedicated 3D graphics accelerators along with video co-processors supporting full 1080p HD video playback and streaming, graphics, and user interfaces. The processor integrates a digital signal processor (DSP) that enables OEMs to add real-time audio, radio, speech, and other applications.

The OMAP processors feature a smart multicore architecture, allowing for high performance and low power consumption. They can display information and multimedia in real time as well as handle several applications running at the same time.

The WiLink 7.0 and BlueLink 7.0 solutions combine WiFi and Bluetooth technologies for true mulitasking, allowing multiple devices to connect at the same time without interference. And to manage this entire solution, TI offers a QNX-based software ecosystem with the new QNX CAR 2 application platform.

[via TI]