THX tune-up app lands for Android

With the Super Bowl this weekend there are people all around the country rushing to get their TVs and home entertainment systems set up perfectly for the game. If you are an Android user that has a THX sound system in your home a new app is available that you might want to check out. The app will help you optimize image and sound quality.

The app is called THX tune-up and it is designed to help adjust the TV, projector, audio system and other gear in your home theater system. The app was previously only available for iOS, but it is now available for Android users as well.

The app promises to be easy to use and interactive and during the lead up to the big game, the app is available at no cost. Normally the app costs $1.99. The app offers video patterns and audio tests that let users optimize video and audio gear. The app can help adjust aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, color, and tint on TVs.

The audio adjustments available in the app include speaker assignments and speaker phase. The app doesn't provide full calibration capability. However, it has enough capability to help you improve the images you will see on your TV.

SOURCE: Android Community