Thrustmaster Glo Saber Duo Pack brings the Force to the Wii

Don't you just love Wiimote peripherals? They're so versatile. And since the Wiimote just has to pop into them, they can be in the shape of practically anything. Plus, they're pretty cheap, making them worth the purchase for specific games. That's why the these Thrustmaster lightsaber accessories are so awesome.

If you've love Star Wars, you'll definitely need to pick up the Glo Saber Duo Pack from Thrustmaster. These mock lightsabers are pretty spot on and let you harness the Force more accurately.

The set includes two lightsaber attachments for the Wiimote and can light up by means of LEDs included inside them in either red or blue. You can get the Glo Saber Duo Pack for just $35, which for any Star Wars buff, is well worth the sacrifice.

[via OhGizmo!]