Three to place 2GB tethering data limit on new customers

UK wireless carrier Three has made a significant change to its data plans for new users. The carrier will begin placing a 2GB data limit on tethering for all new users, no matter what plan they are on. That means that even subscribers that are on an unlimited data plan will still have a 2GB monthly data limit for tethering.

If a plan has any limits, it's not unlimited. Three is the only carrier in the UK that is still offering subscribers unlimited data since turning on its 4G network. The move will definitely not make the carrier any friends.

It's unclear if the change in tethering allowance will have an effect on customers that are already under a contract. It would be very surprising if Three changes the tethering allotment for customers who are currently under a contract.

It would be more likely for all customers that are currently on a plan allowing unlimited data and tethering to be forced to change when they renew. That will also likely mean some people leave Three since unlimited data and tethering was one of the big draws to the carrier.

SOURCE: The Next Web