Three things to know about the Dell Chromebook 13

Dell's new Chromebook 13 is another contender in Google's Chrome OS market, and it is a serious player on the field. Dell hails this as its first professional-level Chromebook, and we agree with its assessment; if you're looking to grab a Chromebook for work, the Chromebook 13 won't disappoint. The same is true if you want to use the Chromebook 13 as your everyday laptop, or you're particular when it comes to features. We've detailed everything you need to know in our full review, but here are three key points to know.

1. It's a premium Chromebook

The first thing you need to know about the Dell Chromebook 13 is that it is a premium laptop — if this machine ran Windows, you'd be paying more than its $399 USD price tag. It has a carbon fiber lid and magnesium alloy body; the FHD display is crisp and bright, the keyboard is backlit and comfortable to type on, and there are substantial hardware configuration options. It's no Google Pixel, mind you; most people don't need a Pixel, though, nor want to pay that much for a Chromebook.

2. It's full of features

Most Chromebooks are inexpensive, and that inexpensive cost comes with a big tradeoff. Most of these laptops sacrifice features to hit their price points, and you'll have to live without a backlit keyboard, sharp display, high resolution, Bluetooth, and more as a result. This isn't the case with Dell's Chromebook 13 — it has everything you'd expect on a business laptop, and leaves most Chrome OS laptops in its dust.

3. You'll pay more for it

Premium doesn't come cheap, though the Chromebook 13 won't break the bank. The laptop starts at $399 USD, but can creep uncomfortably close to the four-digit mark if you go all-out in the hardware configuration tool. If you're considering a Chromebook as your primary laptop, the price is reasonable; if you're looking for a secondary laptop, though, to complement your primary machine, the edition loses some of its attractiveness in comparison to cheaper Chromebook models.