Three things new Gear VR users need to be aware of

This Christmas Santa will be leaving a bunch of new Samsung Gear VR headsets under trees all around the world for gamers to enjoy. There are some things that people new to VR headsets and the Gear VR need to know to keep their new toy working and to keep themselves tip top.

The first thing is that you should never leave the Gear VR facedown or outside. The outside bit is a no brianer, you never want to leave any electronic gadget lying around outdoors. The lenses in the Gear VR could focus the sun's rays like a magnifying glass and cause damage to your smartphone if you leave it lying face down outside.

Another warning is to never use the Gear VR without your phone docked inside the headset. The problem here is that the lenses inside the headset are designed to focus the light into your eyes from the phone screen. Accidentally focusing the light of something bright like the sun or a powerful flashlight could cause eye damage.

The final warning is that kids under 13 years old shouldn't use Gear VR. If you do let younger kids try the headset out, you need to be sure they take breaks and are monitored closely to prevent eyestrain or fatigue.