Three temporarily free iOS games you NEED to download

Chris Burns - Feb 7, 2013, 9:54am CST
Three temporarily free iOS games you NEED to download

Today there are three apps out there in iTunes land that you’re going to need to go ahead and download as fast as you can – each of them is temporarily free and each of them is excellent. The first of these three apps goes by the name Galaxy on Fire 2 HD – this is a game we’ve followed since before it was released back in 2011 – now you’ll find it on your iOS device for no cost at all (instead of $6.99). It’s a masterpiece of a space battle game in which you’re online in a massive way with people from all over the planet – literally and figuratively!

Another fabulous game that’s free for a very limited time is Megamassive. This game is normally just a buck, but here you’ll be rolling out for free with ultra-simplistic graphics and a bit of strategy in a physics-based set of environments. Here you’ll be working with liquids, solids, and gasses galore in a game that may just teach you a thing or two while you freak out over how disturbingly realistic it is. Sometimes rendered animations can speak volumes – with much wonderful fun to be had!

Then there’s one masterful pixel-filled massacre of a game by the name of Random Heroes. This game is generally going to cost you a single dollar, but here you’re running for free for a limited time with the full show: every one of your favorite off-brand pop culture heroes ready to take on the evil forces of evil from start to finish. This game has a style that’s rather like a side-scrolling pistol-holding version of Super Crate Box – another pixel-happy gun-wielding beat-down game from a completely different set of developers.

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