Three people die while using foot massager

We have all heard plenty of bizarre stories when it comes to the use of electronics, but this next one just may take the cake. Apparently the Japan-based company, Matoba Electric, is in some serious trouble after three customers reportedly died using one of their foot massaging products.

Matoba has already made apologies to all of their customers along with an official warning in an effort to prevent further death. Who would have known that at foot massager would be responsible for the death of consumers? Apparently not all of the customers used the product as it was designed to be used.

The users accidentally killed themselves while in the process of using the massager to massage their neck and shoulders. One case was a woman in her fifties who strangled to death after the collar of her shirt was caught in the rollers, which ceased to stop after being caught.  Matoba instruct users to follow the instructions provided in the manual and not to remove the protective cloth cover on the machine. The video below shows the Japanese new report.