Three New Phones From Toshiba Coming Soon

In order, there is the G910, G710, and G450. Sure, the 910 and 710 have keyboards which clearly mean they are smartphones, and thus interesting, but I kind of like the 450 the most out of all of them.

The G910 has an 800x480 screen, Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro, GSM/EDGE, GPS, and a 2MP camera and should be available in Europe sometime in April for 600 euros. The G710 is more of the same but with a different form factor, a lower res screen, and it has quad-band GSM instead of the Tri-Band of the G910, oh, and it's also have the price of the G910.

The G450 on the other hand is a USB HSDPA modem that just so happens to have a couple number pads and a screen barely big enough to dial a number, with a 96x39 resolution OLED screen, so it's a USB WWAN modem that you just so happen to be able to make calls with if you were ever to need to. The G450 is a bit steep though at 200 euros, it had better come with free service or something for such a basic device and such a high price.

Three impending phone-like devices from Toshiba [via crunchgear]