Three iOS resume apps to land any graduate a great job

Nate Swanner - Jun 17, 2014
Three iOS resume apps to land any graduate a great job

That’s it, schools’s out. You’re either done, or done for a few months (if you’re lucky). whatever the case, you probably need to find a job. As you sit there on the couch, someone — somewhere — is probably nagging you to get a job. With these three iOS apps, you don’t even have to move from your favorite spot, and when someone bugs you to find a job, you can honestly say you’re working on it!

Resume Designer Pro

You don’t have a lot of time, but you need a proper resume. Resume Designer Pro comes with preloaded templates for you to choose from, making it simple to just load your info and go. The results are more than adequate, and shoots out resumes that will stand out.

One of the neatest things about RDP is that it allows you to create different resumes from the same info. That helps when you’re going for a job in different fields. You can access your resumes from anywhere, too, since the app works with cloud storage solutions like Drive or Dropbox. Send along in PDF format natively, and print directly from the app if you need to.



This app (iPad only) is one of the snappiest we’ve seen for building a resume. Though there are only four templates to choose from, they’re sharp — really sharp. Linear layouts give way to icons and timelines for a modern feel. Colors also add a touch of flair to a resume, making it stand apart from the crowd.

We like Shine because it lays your resume out like an infographic. Hiring managers will get a quick look at what makes you special, and the details are there after your bigger accomplishments pull them in. Each of the templates grab your attention straight away, so you’re sure to turn heads for that new job you need.


Resume Star

This app does what the others do in creating a resume based on info you give it. It has some templates to choose from, too — but nothing too over the top. You can export your resume, and even print it if needed. With Resume Star, you get a tried and true mobile approach to resume creation, with one small catch.

Resume Star works on the honor system. It’s free to use, and they only ask that you pay for it when you get the job. It’s an interesting method, but we like that they’re trusting their users to do the right thing and support them when they can.

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With these three apps, you’ll find a job between bouts or Titanfall with ease. It’s a lot better than plopping down in front of a computer and dealing with templates that change direction on you suddenly, or creating a resume on the same program everyone else is using.

If we were to suggest one to go with, it would be Shine. All three are great, but Shine’s modern approach will probably get you the attention you deserve at the job you want. Happy job hunting!

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