Thousands of Steam codes revoked after digital theft

Chris Burns - Jun 30, 2014
Thousands of Steam codes revoked after digital theft

A wave of thefts has occurred with the game Sniper Elite 3, one that’s prompted Steam to revoke a whopping 7,050 game keys. Having been stolen earlier this year through an unnamed game distributor, Sniper Elite 3 was then sent off to multiple reputable gaming sales sites. Unbeknownst to thousands of purchasers therein, the game has had all access cut off.

Lucky for those that have purchased Sniper Elite 3 in all honesty, all those whose codes are being revoked are being offered a bonus bit of software. Though they’ll have to go back to the store where they originally purchased the code to receive a replacement, these victims will also be getting a free pre-order DLC.

It’s only one set of keys that’s been affected – not the whole lot. The developers of the game at Rebellion have suggested that they are not targeting specific vendors of games, only the one set of keys tracked independently.

You’ll want to contact Rebellion through Steam to receive a bonus DLC for free if you’ve been a part of this situation.

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