This walking, 56-foot-long dragon is the world's largest robot

It's 27 feet (8.23 meters) tall, 56 feet (17.1 meters) long, breathes fire through its mouth and nostrils, and can be found in Berlin, Germany. Don't worry, it isn't a real dragon, just an amusement park attraction, but it is now the world's largest robot according to Guinness World Records.

While certainly not fast, Tradinno, built by Zollner Elektronik AG, can walk on its four legs and is known to make appearances in parades and at festivals, especially those with themes of medieval times. The robot can be seem paired with actors portraying knights who've come to slay the creature.

The Zollner company started building Tradinno back in 2007 in the city of Zandt, before being moved to Berlin in 2012. Guinness awarded the record for world's largest robot a little over a year ago, however the title is based on the condition of movement. The dragon is technically recognized as the world's largest walking robot, while there are other creations with larger dimensions, they aren't capable of movement.

Check out the videos to see remote-controlled creation spread its wings, breathe fire, and walk, albeit very slowly. You can get a glimpse of the robot's speed increased by 500%, but even then it looks like something one could simply run away from.

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SOURCE Guinness World Records