This Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery extends my tears for waiting

Back a little less than a year ago when the first Verizon LTE-laden Android smartphone was released, that being the HTC ThunderBolt for all you kids out there, it had an awesome optional extended battery that you could pick up to extend the battery time to a plausible amount of time – this being more than the 4 hours of regular time you got with LTE back in the day. Now we've got another device, the Galaxy Nexus, with an extended battery appearing for it, and though this this isn't the only other extended battery of its kind, it does remind me of the whoa I felt at the hands of the rogue FedEx delivery man I was subject to back then the day before CTIA, spring 2011.

I had to wait, and wait, and wait for that delivery man to bring the ThunderBolt to my then ghetto-situated apartment building, and when he did get there, he went to the door without a ringer on it. Because this delivery man, again rogue, mind you, saw such a situation, he did not look at the rest of the doors, all of which had ringers, and instead pasted a "better luck next time" sticky to the door. Thus is my situation now with the Galaxy Nexus, and the way I feel now about this situation should very well be the same feeling Google has for Verizon now that they've started a fire in the hearts of Android fans across the United States.

Though I've literally just written an article by the name of "I have no need for a tablet" yesterday which expressed my lack of must-have feelings for the large screen devices, I must say that the need is there for this device. The need is not mine though, it's Google's. Dear Google developers: you are currently in a situation where your user base has seen a very large preview of what they could potentially have in a device, Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus, yet inside the USA they do not have the ability to trade money to attain it.

When this device is released, I will own it. It's part of my job to own an Android device with version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on it, and the best place to do this is with a Verizon-connected Galaxy Nexus. I can't deny that. But let me ask you users out there who aren't publishers like I am: after such a long set of weeks of leaks, teasers, and notes that literally say that the devices are in the stores but aren't for sale yet, will you still be going out to purchase a Galaxy Nexus?

[Image via Android Central]