This ultra-fast Internet may beat Google Fiber to your home

Google Fiber offers mind-boggling data transfer speeds, but fiber optics require a massive build-out. That need for digging keeps Fiber from rolling out quickly, and gives the competition a chance to catch up where Fiber hasn't made its presence known. That Gigabit speed via Fiber and other services is impressive, but also a bit of overkill. New wireless tech from Mimosa brings us all back to Earth a bit, but still delivers on impressive data speeds you're likely not currently getting.

The products also make it easier for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to implement, as it's nearly plug-and-play. Attaching the products to a tower give a central hub for ISPs to point the antennae on the homes of users.

Once the tower is set up, all you or I would need is a similar wireless antennae on our homes, pointing to the tower. At right around $100, the access point isn't going to break the bank, either.

We'd also see data speeds between 100-500 megabits per second. That's not the breakneck speed of Fiber, but it's also not the 20Mbps speed that's average at home.

Mimosa's network will start rolling out next year, but ISPs will have to build out towers for it. Towers need to built in neighborhoods, so while it gets away from the tedious task of laying fiber optic cable, there's still some work to be done with boots on the ground.

Via: Venture Beat