This Twitch streamer wants you to play the stock market with his money

Remember the glory days of TwitchPlaysPokemon? Twitch chat was working toward a common goal – beating Pokemon Red and Blue using only chat commands – and for that initial run, it was an incredible sight to see. Now, one Twitch streamer is giving us an evolution of the TwitchPlaysPokemon idea, but there's more at stake than just beating a video game this time around.

This person, streaming under the Twitch account StockStream, has put $50,000 of his own money on the table and is giving Twitch the opportunity to invest that cash in the stock market. The stream's title says that this is the "world's first cooperative multiplayer stock market game using real money," and we certainly don't doubt that.

Which stocks are bought and sold are determined through 5-minute voting rounds. At the end of each round, the buy or sell command with the most votes is carried out and a new 5-minute round begins. The stream itself shows the current vote status, along with the performance of Twitch chat's portfolio throughout the day.

So far, Twitch chat has purchased stock from a variety of companies, such as Apple, NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and IBM. For most of those stocks, Twitch chat only owns one or two shares, but there are others like Tesla and AMD that Twitch chat has invested heavily in. A sidebar ticker shows us how many shares of each stock are owned, along with its individual performance throughout the day.

So, does this game have an end? It does, but only if the cash on the line shrinks down to below $25,000. At that point, the streamer explains, the stream will be forced to halt trading per FINRA/SEC regulations. Assuming that doesn't happen, however, then the stream will continue to run every day while the US stock market is open. Will Twitch chat sink or will it swim? One thing is for sure: it'll be interesting to watch along as we find out. Check out the source link below to get in on some stock trading action.

SOURCE: StockStream