This tiny Marshall Acton Tawny speaker keeps it classy

Marshall Headphones brand made a lovely little old-school speaker called the Acton Tawny – and it's tight. This speaker is a "special edition" in color combination (Tawny), including "buttery soft camel vinyl exterior and basket weave fret." It's a bluetooth speaker that also works with aux input, and it's part of a collection of sort of similar-looking speakers from the same brand.

Up top of this speaker is an array of buttons and dials. Included are a Bass control knob, On/Off toggle switch, Pair button, Source/Wake button, Treble control knob, and Volume control knob. Wired connectivity is provided with a 3.5mm input, and wireless is Bluetooth 4.0. This speaker is stereo, coming with 2 x ¾″ Dome tweeters and One 4″ Mid woofer.

One 30 Watt Class D amplifier is in this speaker for the woofer, and Two 10 Watt Class D amplifiers are in it for the tweeters. Max sound pressure level is 103 dB @ 1 m, and frequency range is 50 – 20,000 Hz. The physical dimensions of this speaker are 10.45 x 6.3 x 5.9 in (265 x 160 x 150 mm), and the weight is 6.60 lb (3 kg.) It's tiny, light, and it looks like it belonged to your cool aunt from her wild days back in the late 1970s.

This speaker will be available for what Marshall Headphones says is a "limited time only." You'll be able to pick it up online for a cool $249 USD. Other versions of this same speaker are available both online and in some of the more radical music and audio shops around the world – in certain regions.

TO BE CLEAR: This speaker comes from Marshall Headphones, a company that's related to Marshall, but isn't exactly the same. Marshall Headphones is a brand that exists under Zound Industries, a company that also rolls with the colorful headphones called Urbanears. They've also very recently struck a deal with ADIDAS for audio products in the near future.