This SNES mod is the latest Nintendo console-portable hybrid

If you've been paying to the launch of the new Nintendo Switch at all, you know that its greatest feature is its ability to seamlessly transition from home console to hand-held portable. Unfortunately, at this point its biggest drawback is the lack of a wide selection of games — you know, besides the new Zelda. But you know what system has a huge library of great games? The Super Nintendo (SNES). That's why one Japanese modder has the right idea by turning his old console into the perfect portable machine.

Okay, so maybe "perfect" isn't quite the right word to describe this creation. Shared on Twitter by @huxarufaxara, the creator basically took their Super Famicom (the SNES's name in Japan) console, a controller, and a small LCD display and smashed them all together.

The screen is attached just above the old cartridge slot, while the games are now inserted into the top of the unit, classic Game Boy-style. There are also built-in speakers with volume control on the side. But easily the best part is the un-modified controller inserted into the center of the console, as if a perfect size hole was cut and it was simply dropped in there.

As far as modded consoles/portables go, this SNES is far from elegant or practical. It's certainly a handful, and it probably weighs as much as, well, an early '90s game console. At least it has enough battery life to power up and play Final Fantasy V. For a few minutes, anyway.

SOURCE Twitter