This simple Fortnite zipline bug lets players destroy everything

Fortnite players have discovered another battle royale bug, this one involving the in-game jump pad and zipline items. When used together in a certain way, the zipline glitches and the game acts as if the player is perpetually on a zipline. The end result is the nearly god-like ability to destroy anything just by walking through it.

The bug was recently published on the ForniteBR subreddit, where user "Zacki37" shared a video of exploiting the glitch. To take advantage of it, players must position a jump pad underneath a zipline. By jumping on the jump pad and propelling upward into the zipline, the user can trigger the bug and end up in perpetual zipline mode.

New jump pad bug. Whith this bug you can break everything in your way. from r/FortNiteBR

As anyone who has used the zipline knows, the item temporarily changes the player's state, making them invincible from fall damage. With this glitch, the zipline's animation remains over the player's head, they continue to shimmer blue, and walking into any non-permanent game item causes it to explode.

The video shows a player walking through a building and causing it to completely implode just by contact. This essentially replicates the damage caused by the briefly available Infinity Blade, which was removed due to being over-powered.

There are some limitations to the bug, the primary one being that you won't be able to damage other players. However, having the ability to wreck entire structures just by walking through them will make it easy to quickly tear down enemy bases without wasting time or ammo, potentially offering an advantage.