This Satechi wireless pad with USB-C fast charging has just one problem

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Satechi today announced a new wireless charger for Qi-enabled Android devices and iPhones. Officially dubbed the Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger, this charger's biggest selling point is indicated right there in the name, as it supports fast charging through USB-C. That alone puts it head and shoulders above a lot of wireless charging pads out there, many of which are still using micro USB.

Satechi says that its Aluminum charger is capable of charging iPhones at up to 7.5W and Android phones up to 10W. That is, of course, assuming that the device you're carrying around in your pocket supports those charging speeds. The charger also features temperature protection and foreign object detection, so if it detects overheating or an out-of-place metal object, it'll automatically cut off power to your phone.

Those are all handy features to have in a wireless charger, and it helps that it looks pretty good as well, with a base that comes in either silver or space gray and a silicone pad on top. That silicone pad will help keep your phone from moving around while it's being charged, so you don't necessarily need to worry about bumping it out of place.

For as good as all of this sounds, there is one major drawback: the Aluminum wireless charger doesn't actually ship with a power adapter. So, if you want to use this to charge your phone at the speeds Satechi is advertising, you'll need to pick up a fast charger separately.

Assuming you've got a USB-C fast charger on-hand, that may not be a huge problem, but still, we can see that being annoying for a lot of end-users. If that doesn't deter you, you can pick up Satechi's new wireless charger from Amazon today for $44.99.

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