This realistic R2-D2 is actually a rolling refrigerator

BB-8 might be the newest beeping robot darling of the Star Wars world, which may be coming to a toy store near you, but nothing still beats the classic appeal of fan favorite R2-D2. Especially when he delivers you your beer or soda. Yes, "R" is for "refrigerator. In Japan (because where else?), Haier Asia unveiled a very authentic looking R2-D2 that can roll about wherever you guide it. Except this one doesn't bear a message to Obiwan inside. Instead, it holds cans of your favorite refreshment.

This life-size robot has all the makings of an authentic replica of the Star Wars robot. It has all the lights and sounds that have endeared R2-D2 to generations of fans. It can move about much like the real thing. The only difference is that it doesn't move on its own, controlled by you, its human.

OK, so that's not the only difference. Its innards are almost bereft of robotic circuitry, giving way to refrigeration components. Given the robot's size, it's cabin won't be large enough to hold even a day's food supply, but that's OK. This R2-D2 was built solely for beverage, and maybe a snack or two. Imagine binging on your Star Wars collection in preparation for this year's big screening. Suddenly you're thirsty but the Force is weak in you. So you reach for the remote instead and bid the robot to come to you. Ah, the perks of living in the Galactic Empire.

Another difference is that this R2-D2 mini fridge runs on rechargeable batteries, so you will have to mind your sidekick's power supply even if the original didn't need juicing up (that we know of). This unexpected but totally official Star Wars merchandise comes from Haier Asia's AQUA brand and is a product of a partnership with Disney Japan. No word yet on pricing or availability, or if it will even be available in other countries.

VIA: Engadget