This phone is $100 and it'll apparently last at least 4 years

Today we're taking a peek at the device called Teracube 2e, the newest in a line of devices made by the Teracube company. This group makes smartphones with long warranty guarantees and prices that... don't seem real. This device is an Android smartphone with a 6.1-inch HD+ IPS LCD display with 64GB internal storage, microSD card slot, headphone jack, and a 4000mAh replaceable(!) battery. How can this be?

The Teracube 2e isn't competing with Samsung, or Apple, or any other major-label smartphone company. They've made a smartphone that doesn't attempt to keep up with the latest processor power or high-quality cameras available on other far-more-expensive devices.

Instead, Teracube attempts to provide value in sustainable service. The Teracube 2e includes a four-year warranty with "two-way free shipping" and coverage for accidntal repairs "for a flat fee."

The other draw here is the fact that the Teracube 2e is made from 25% recycled plastics. The phone comes with a "fully biodegradable case made of wheat starch and biodegradable polymers."

This device doesn't appear to include any bloatware – and it runs "stock" Android. That's good news. While it'd be a bit more ideal if it ran something like Android One, the fact that the company guarantees years(!) of updates is significant. That's generally the one major drawback of buying a low-end phone – here it seems they've found a way to deliver these updates without any major hit to the company's profit margin.

Where a low-end smartphone we generally review here on SlashGear is a phone that'll cost you $300 or more, the Teracube 2e costs approximately one hundred dollars. We cannot (yet) attest to the quality of the phone, as we've not yet actually tested a phone from Teracube, but based on what they've presented so far, the Teracube 2e seems like it might almost be too good to be true – we'll see!