This PC is the bomb

I'm a big fan of case mods. I've done a few in my day, and will hopefully have more time to dedicate to such projects. So when something really cool comes along, I feel the need to pass it on to you.

Don't worry, this thing won't be blowing up any time soon. The case is made to look like an atomic bomb similar to something you would see in the popular show "24." I think he pretty much nailed it there.

The insides won't exactly blow you away, but who cares? It just looks awesome. But for those that care, it has an AMD 2500+ processor with 1GB of Corsair 3200XL RAM. You'll also note the dot matrix LED display and the fact that the system is water cooled with a custom double radiator. Kudos to Peter from Bit-Tech on creating this.

A computer mod straight out of 24 [via crave]