This new Nintendo Switch update is perfect for fans like me

Overnight, Nintendo pushed a new firmware update to the Nintendo Switch, bringing the console to firmware version 11.0. While firmware updates aren't usually super exciting, this one is, because it includes a number of features Switch owners have been waiting on. It isn't often we see a Switch firmware update knock it out of the park like this, which makes things even more exciting.The list of new features is actually surprisingly long, but perhaps the most exciting part of the update is that game saves in the cloud will now automatically download to every Switch console your Nintendo Account is linked to. So, if you live in a household with multiple Switches and your account is on each one, your save data should sync automatically between those consoles – assuming, of course, that the games you're playing support it.

Most exciting for me, however – and everyone who frequently takes screenshots of their games, for that matter – is the new media transfer functionality Nintendo pushed along with this update. Users can now transfer screenshots and videos from their Switch to a smart device. Even better is that Switch owners can use a USB cable to transfer screenshots between the Switch and a PC.

This is a huge quality of life update, because before, the quickest way to move screenshots and video clips off your Switch was to power it down, remove the SD card, and transfer them off the SD by slotting it into a computer. It wasn't the most ideal transfer method, so it'll be really nice to be able to transfer media off the Switch through a USB connection.

Finally, we've also got new functionality that allows users to select a download to prioritize when they're downloading multiple items at once. This is a small feature, but it's a very nice one to have. It's hard to find much to dislike about this update, though the new Nintendo Switch Online icon that's made its way to the home screen is an annoyance at best, so we do have to mark off a point or two for that.

The reason this is a big deal is because oftentimes it can feel like usability – particularly online quality of life – can be an afterthought for Nintendo. It's really nice to have cloud saves syncing between devices, and given how restrictive Nintendo has been with cloud saves thus far, it's something that many probably thought we'd never see. Here's hoping that Nintendo keeps it up with future firmware updates, because for the most part, this one is really impressive.