This mini pipe organ is made entirely out of paper

We've seen our fair share of DIY hobby projects that try to recreate once popular machines from modern components. Almost all of those involve some form of electronics or another. While we have come across a few that used only physical forces combined with metallic constructs, few projects can claim to be as intricate and time-consuming as the one pulled of by Aliaksei Zholner. He has, in effect, created a miniaturized pipe organ made out of nothing but paper.

You might, at first, think of those pianos and organs you'd find in concert halls and music rooms. Those musical instruments defy classification, exhibiting the traits of both stringed instruments as well as percussion. There is, however, also a cousin of the piano that is similarly odd.

The pipe organ resembles a gigantic organ but the way it works is more similar to a flute or a bagpipe than a piano. Basically, it's a set of huge whistles with wind continuously blown inside. Pressing a key for a particularly pipe effectively let's air through that pipe, producing the sound.

That is basically the same principle used in this mind-blowing, both in terms of scope and work, project, except everything is made out of paper. Just the very thought of cutting each piece to a precise size, tuning each "pipe" to the perfect pitch, and making sure those all still work after assembly, is definitely not the faint of heart. Amusingly, the air that's used to actually produce the sound apparently comes from a balloon.

A few (OK maybe just one) commented on what a waste of time the project was. Of course, for Aliaksei, it was a product of passion, and perhaps even love. Sadly, it's one those projects that can't be so easily recreated, even by the original maker himself. As such, anyone wishing to go on this journey will have to work from just a few photos only.

VIA: Only Paper